Earn a FREE 15ml GERANIUM!!  

 between today and April 30, 2022 and select a Starter Bundle. If you select a Starter Bundle (see below), I will send you a 15ml Bottle of Geranium for FREE!    See Below for a few Geranium ideas*

There are a BUNCH of starter bundles to pick from. My FAVES are:


as they are truly the BEST value for your hard earned buck!  

But wait, there's more lol!  

ANY new account or reactivation can score a 10% coupon!  That's 10% off of ANYTHING  you want.  ANYTHING!  (AWESOME!!!). I have a bunch of these coupons available. These codes are unique and I cannot post them here, so you will have to get ahold of me to receive yours.

All of this, including these coupons, do expire on April 30.  Don't miss out! 

--- literally the BEST value we have! 

*What is Geranium Good for?  Skin, hair, emotions, hormones and more!  I'll HELP you use your Geranium well.  I use mine in a skin serum, hair "spray", deodorant, even on my dog. 


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