SWEET February 2020 Deals!! New Starter Kit and Romance Bundles!!!

Limited Edition NEW starter Kits! 

Yes!! For NEW members only Wahhh! That means I can't get one...but you can if you have never been a Young Living Member before!  This starter kit is ONLY available this month of February 2020!  There is no diffuser with this kit, but if you enroll through me, I'll ship you one for free!  

Are you ready to dive into essential oils but aren't sure where to start? The Welcome Home Starter Kit makes it easy to take the leap from newly interested to newly enrolled. Our kit has everything new members need to infuse their homes—and their lives—with the power of pure essential oils.
The Welcome Home Starter Kit includes:
  • Essential Oils:
  • Frankincense, 5 ml
  • Lavender, 5 ml
  • Peppermint, 5 ml
  • Valor®, 5 ml
  • Grapefruit, 15 ml
  • Lemon, 15 ml
  • Lime, 15 ml
  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • Wooden Vitality™ oil rack
  • Young Living Lifestyle booklet
How can someone not fall in love with essential oils after sampling this lineup?
We sweetened the deal with a free Vitality trio for any enrollee who purchases the Welcome Home Starter Kit in February and places a 100 PV order in March.
This kit is available to new enrollees in our U.S. and USSP markets only, limit one per new enrollment.*
This limited-time offer begins February 1 at 12 midnight, MT, and ends at 11:59 p.m., MT, on Saturday, February 29, or while supplies last.
Item No.: 26640
Wholesale: $125
PV: 100
*The Welcome Home Starter Kit is not available for NFR, APO, and Professional Accounts.
Get yours HERE!

We’ve got just the thing to amp the romance for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to save on exclusive bundles and Rose essential oil too! This promotion runs from February 1 at 12 midnight, MT, to February 7 at 10 p.m., MT, or while supplies last.

Set the mood with these Valentine’s Day specials:

Sensation bundle ($100)

Item No.: 32121

• Sensation™ essential oil blend—Diffuse this tantalizing combination of Ylang Ylang, Coriander, Jasmine, and other essential oils to spark feelings of love and affection.
• Sensation™ Massage Oil—Unwind with your honey by sharing a massage. This light, moisturizing massage oil features the seductive fragrance of Young Living’s Sensation blend.
• Sensation™ Bath & Shower Gel—Shower yourself in confidence. You’ll love this luxurious lather boosted by the enticing fragrance of Sensation essential oil blend.
• Sensation™ Hand & Body Lotion—Pamper yourself like the queen you are. Apply this hydrating moisturizer before a night out.


Gentleman’s bundle ($148.25)

Item No.: 32120

• Goldenrod essential oil*—Add this bundle-exclusive to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to create a special Valentine’s Day massage oil.
• Mister™ essential oil blend—Tell your guy to diffuse this uplifting blend as he gets ready for date night.
• Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil—Cast relaxing vibes with this fresh, grounding fragrance packed with alpha-pinene and limonene.
• Shutran® essential oil blend—Apply a few drops of this empowering blend as a personal fragrance that boosts confidence.
*Goldenrod is available only in the Gentleman’s bundle—so snag this special gift today!

Rose essential oil ($162.35) – 15% off

Item No.: 3623D

• Ditch the flowers for Valentine’s Day and gift a floral fragrance that will last. It takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make each 5 ml bottle!
Limit of two bundles per account; one-time order only. No limit on Rose essential oil. Available for U.S./NFR/APO, except where restrictions prevent product from entering the country.**
**Goldenrod and Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil are considered Dangerous Goods. Therefore, the Gentleman’s bundle cannot be shipped to APO addresses


Seed to Seal Story Collection
Share a gift. This February give someone you love a relaxing aroma to use as they settle in for sleep with Lavender, magazine cover-worthy skin with Tea Tree, and a focusing scent to wear as they hustle to make dreams come true with Peppermint.

Enjoy something special. Each oil included in the Seed to Seal Story Collection comes with an elegant white label, in an exclusive 10 ml size that cannot be purchased outside of this promotion.

RutaVaLa® Roll-On

Ride out relationship rough patches. Swipe RutaVaLa Roll-On over your heart to encourage emotional balance during the ups and downs of dating and relationships.

Drop into dreamland. Before cuddles and drowsy pillow chats, roll RutaVaLa on your wrists for a dream-inspiring scent.

Geranium essential oil, 15 ml

Shine with love. Love of Geranium, that is! Add a drop or two to your morning and nightly moisturizer for a glowing look that mirrors feelings you have inside.

Slip into luxury. Take TLC to the next level with a floral-infused bath. Add a few drops of Geranium to the hot water along with a cup of Epsom salt for a peace-producing, stress-relieving soak.

Ylang Ylang essential oil, 15 ml

Ramp up the romance. Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can add the soft and sweet scent of Ylang Ylang to your diffuser? Turn it on each day and night to truly feel the love.

Love your locks. Combat winter hair with this DIY mask: Add drops of Ylang Ylang to coconut oil and comb through hair. Let sit for an hour, rinse, and enjoy hair that’s begging for compliments.

Patchouli essential oil, 15 ml

Reflect on your relationships. Rub the powerful aroma of Patchouli on your wrists while meditating, and don’t forget how blessed you are by the people in your life.

Balance your perfumes. When mixing up sweet and floral DIY perfumes, don’t forget to add complex notes. The musky tones of Patchouli will catch everyone’s attention.

Cedarwood essential oil, 15 ml

Show your partner how much you knead them. Give the gift of massage, enhanced by Cedarwood. Your loved one will get silky-smooth skin along with a scent that soothes.

Make bedtime an oasis. Before heading to bed, diffuse the balmy, oh-so-comforting scent of Cedarwood, so your evenings are full of nothing but bliss and snuggles.

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Young Living May 2019 Events, Promo's and Tips!

Young Living May 2019 Events, Promo's and Tips!

Young Living May 2019 Events, Promo's and Tips!

Happy May to you all!  "May" the sun be shining and the flowers blooming!

My number one question has always been "Gayle, when is your next class" so I'll begin this newsletter with class info.


*As always, we have weekly online Tuesday evening classes in our Essential Oil Online Class group on via Facebook  (Click here!)

*My monthly class for May for everyone will be May 30 at 7 pm!  It's a Wellness Workshop with information on our starter kit as well as "oils beyond the kit" if we have enough interest in that part.  For more info, contact me or go HERE

*NEW FEATURE COMING SOON!    This HelpMeOil.com page will soon have a member area populated with alllllll kinds of classes! Stay tuned - detail on that will be reveal this summer

Specials and Tips!

Any special or deals this month?  Well we ALWAYS have amazing promos, and this month is really special with some new to the promo line up offerings!  If another dealio gets offered later in the month, I'll keep you posted. So far, nothing is on the horizon but they just don't tell me these things in advance lol! And check out these awesome freebies this month!  #YoungLivingSpoilsUs!

Let May be the month of loving the skin you’re in! Enjoy these Young Living products and radiate a little sunshine wherever you go. Place your qualifying order and get a Charcoal Bar Soap to purify your skin without stripping it of needed oils. With skin looking so good, don’t forget about your hair and smile! Show off that shine by adding Patchouli to your shampoo or conditioner and flash your pearly whites freshened with Thieves® AromaBright™ Toothpaste. Learn more about the YL products we’ve collected to get you head-to-toe radiant!

300PV – 

Retail Value: $196.71

Charcoal Bar Soap

• Dirt and oil have met their match. Keep your skin in tip-top shape with our Charcoal Bar Soap infused with skin-enhancing essential oils.
• Take advantage of skin-purifying charcoal that cleanses excess oil without stripping the necessary oils from your skin.

5 ml Blue Cypress essential oil

• Get radiant! Adding a few drops of Blue Cypress to your favorite moisturizer will keep your skin glowing.
• Want to freshen up your space? Diffuse Blue Cypress and bring the woodsy, crisp scent of the outdoors inside.

15 ml Geranium essential oil

• Replace synthetic perfumes with the scent of Geranium. Apply it to your wrists or neck and breathe in the sweet, floral aroma.
• Diffuse this soothing essential oil as a way to bring a sense of peace to your day.

15 ml Patchouli essential oil

• Ready, set, shine! Enhance the look of your hair by adding Patchouli to your shampoo or conditioner.
• Who doesn’t need a little more calm in their life? Diffuse this oil and settle into its peaceful, calming qualities.

Bonus Essential Rewards: 15 ml Lavender essential oil

• Add a few drops of Lavender to lotions, shampoos, and skin care products for a classic aroma you’ll love all day long.
• Let the scent of Lavender relax your mind as you sleep through the night, ready to tackle the day ahead. You’ve earned it!

Bonus Essential Rewards: 2 oz. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

• Fight dental stains with Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste for a smile that dazzles!
• Use this tooth-loving paste to keep your gums and teeth looking healthy and your breath fresh.

250PV – 

Retail Value: $141.12
• 15 ml Geranium
• 15 ml Patchouli
• Bonus Essential Rewards 15 ml Lavender
• Bonus Essential Rewards 2 oz. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

190 PV – 

Retail Value: $85.20
• 15 ml Patchouli
• Bonus Essential Rewards 15 ml Lavender
• Bonus Essential Rewards 2 oz. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

100 PV – 

Retail Value: $7.57
• Bonus Essential Rewards 2 oz. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste



With Mother's Day  just around the corner, how about a sweet DIY gift? Have you ever given mom store-bought perfume for Mother’s Day? Did you know perfume can be detrimental to your health? The term "fragrance" on labels can be a combination of over 300 harmful chemicals that the company doesn't have to disclose.
Create your own perfume with natural and effective essential oils that you KNOW are safe and can take mom from feeling down and out to happy and confident in a matter of seconds.
Here are some recipes to try, or create your favorite custom combo just for her!
Note: Fill with vodka or witch hazel when using a spray bottle. Fill with V6 carrier oil if using a roll-on bottle.
Rilassante - "Relaxing" (for 10ml bottle)
In a 10 ml bottle - 10 drops Stress Away, 10 drops Orange
In a 10 ml bottle - 10 Drops Lavender, 5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Orange
In a 10 ml bottle - 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Stress Away, 10 drops Valor
Amor - "Love" (for 10ml bottle)
In a 10 ml bottle - 12 drops Ylang Ylang & 8 drops Orange.
In a 10 ml bottle - 6 drops  Grapefruit, 6 drops Sandalwood, 6 drops Jasmine
In a 10 ml bottle - 10 drops Ylang ylang, 10 drops Idaho Blue Spruce.

What mom would not love some beautiful, relaxing bath salts and a long soak in a hot tub? Gifts like this go a long way because it gives them the opportunity to practice some self-love.
Grab some simple ingredients and your favorite relaxing essential oils and make mom a gift she will love.

Relaxing Bath Soak Recipe  

2 bags Chamomile tea
1 c powdered milk
1/4 c cornstarch
1/4 c baking soda
10+ drops of your favorite essential oil {or to preference}
Mix dry ingredients & whisk in essential oil until smooth.
Add mixture to jar & allow to "marinate" for 24 hours.
Oil suggestions for a relaxing soak:
- Lavender
- Stress Away
- Frankincense
- Bergamot

Facial Serum: This tried and true recipe is a winner!  

Maybe Mom (or you) just want your own oils kit already - so why not now?  GET HER KIT HERE!

If you are local to me, I have a starter kit with a special welcome gift all ready to go!  If not, order it to be sent and I'll ship that welcome kit directly to her.  Why not bless her with the best, safest and ethically made oils from the ONLY company out there that has the Seed to Seal guarantee, owns their own farms and lets you TOUR the farms at production facilities!  Stick with me - I won't steer you wrong!! Blessings to all the Momma's out there!!  

Love, Gayle
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