Let's Make Elderberry Syrup - with Young Living Essential Oils - with Free Printables!

Let's Make Elderberry Syrup - with Young Living Essential Oils - with Free Printables!
Making Elderberry Syrups with Essential Oils!

(Originally released in March of 2020 and re-released in November of 2020)

(Below is the original March of 2020 blog post.  It's time to make Elderberry Syrup again so I'm re-posting this "must have" recipe for Winter!)

How are we all doing out there?  Supporting each other while supporting our immune systems I hope?  

This COVID19 issue has suddenly become a very real and and almost an all-consuming thing, affecting not only the health of some but the jobs and daily lives of all.  My last post had some light hearted moments in it, but then, as now, I do take this seriously.  As of Saturday March 20, my state is now "Shelter at Home", and when it was announced the day before, it produced some pretty bad anxiety for me.  I used my oils - a LOT!  And my next post will be on using oils for these unsettling times.  But today, let's talk more about keeping that immune system strong - and specifically with Elderberry Syrup!

In my last post, I gave you my tips for immune support and briefly touched on the fact that I also use Elderberry Syrup. This post will focus on how and why I love this syrup! I love to put a tablespoon a day into my NingXia Red.  

This is actually the first fall and winter I have used this syrup regularly.  I decided last fall to do this, and I'm so thankful that I have kept this habit up since last fall!  I immediately loved the syrup, and with the result of having a very healthy fall and winter, in spite of being around several sick people, my personal belief in the health benefits of supplements, essential oils and elderberry syrup  has been strengthened even more!  In fact, I'm so impressed with the addition of elderberry syrup that I even decided to make this for everyone I love for Christmas.  It was a HUGE hit.  Everyone was SO grateful, and many reported back to me that this helped them SO much!  

How do you make it?

On my journey to find a good recipe, I researched, asked around, and did some trial and error as well. I'm a busy gal, and the idea of NOT having to grate ginger, add other herbs and buy expensive Cinnamon Sticks appealed to me BIG TIME!  I settled on this recipe, that can be made stove-top OR in the Instant Pot (my fave!).  

There are fantastic versions out there of this recipe, all very good.  But I know me, and you may be that "me" as well:  If it takes too long to make (too many steps lol) I'll probably buy it from someone instead!  The key things in Elderberry Syrups are good berries, purified water and a local-to-you honey.  The rest is how you like to enhance it.  I chose the common addition of Cinnamon, Ginger and Clove. And the idea of being able to get the incredible benefits of those spices in an enhanced and easier to add form made me incredibly happy!  Now please note, I use essential oils labelled for internal use, and I use the strongest essential oils made.  Adding them AFTER the heating keeps all of the health benefits active, and THAT is the most important thing!  

This recipe is SO easy, I can't believe it took me so long to even try it!  And once I tasted how delicious it is, I am REALLY mad at myself for waiting so long lol!  

So what's this good stuff all about anyway?  Why take it?  

Elderberries come from the Sambucus tree (Latin for Elderberry), a tree which is native to Europe but grown all over the world now.  There are several varieties but all have a long history in health and wellness.  In folk medicine, the dried berries or juice were used to treat influenza, infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, heart pain, nerve pain and more. Elderberries are also high in antioxidants. Elderberry syrup can help strengthen your immune system by "scrubbing to blood" so to speak, but it also works well at reducing inflammation. * (see note at end on this).  Local-to-you honey might  help seasonal allergies in your own environment but there are no strong studies to prove it.  However, it's always the freshest and most natural honey! If you simply cannot use honey due to bee pollen allergies or other health concerns you may absolutely use other sweeteners, but if you can use honey, please do - it's so good for you! 

Here is the recipe I like the best:

Elderberry Syrup

1-1/2 cup dried elderberries I like Frontier Co-op

(In Flu seasons, these prices are double the price what they are in early fall - stock up then!)

6 cups purified water
1 cup raw honey (local to you is best!) More if you like sweeter syrup
1 drop Ginger
1 drop Cinnamon Bark
1 drop clove

(optional other oils: Thieves, Orange, Copaiba, Frankincense, Lemon or any others you chose)** 

**All essential oils listed should be from the Young Living Vitality line!)

There are two options for cooking. The trick is to make sure it’s cooked long enough to reduce the liquid by about half or almost by half. Remember, ALWAYS add the honey and essential oils after cooking for either method!

Instant Pot Method: Add the dried elderberries and water to the pot. Turn on “Manual” setting and set the time for 7 minutes at high pressure. When finished, release the pressure. You can saute a little longer (10 minutes or so) for a thicker or more potent syrup, but I do not do that. (SEE FINAL STEPS FOR THE REST OF THE INSTRUCTIONS!)

Stovetop Method: Add the dried elderberries and water to a large pot and bring to a boil. Allow to simmer for 45 minutes OR until the liquid has been reduced down to about about half. Some prefer to not simmer that long going for 20 to 30 minutes. It depends on how thick of a syrup you want. (Thicker will be more tart)

Final steps for both methods: Strain in small amounts through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth over a bowl. Gently press the strained berries with a spoon against the side of the strainer to release their juice, (or gently squeeze the cheesecloth) then discard the berries. 

Once the entire batch has been strained and the liquid has been returned to the cooking pot, allow to cool a bit to a handling temperature, and then add the honey, Ginger, Cinnamon Bark and Clove essential oils.

 Stir and refrigerate until ready to place into smaller bottles if desired. However you bottle your syrups, always refrigerate it until it's gone!  You can add ¾ cup to an 8 ounce Ball jar and add Young Living Vitality essential oils of choice.  Examples of more oils for both flavors and health benefits are:

3 drops Orange and 1 drop Copaiba (makes a GREAT cough remedy!)
2 drops Thieves, 3 drops Lemon (great for extra immune support!)
2 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Orange, 2 drops Lemon (good for the flu!)

Read your reference book or use what you know to add oils to your individual jars. Keep the syrup refrigerated until it’s gone. Use within 3 to 6 months.  Get creative with bottles and labels. Here are a few FREE Printable styles just for you!  Both are the Avery 22804 labels.  Elderberry1.pdf     Elderberry2.pdf. Get creative, enjoy and share the goodness. Just make sure when you give it to your loved on that you remind them to pop it in the fridge right away and to KEEP it there until it's used, or 3 to 6 months have passed.  Have I said that enough yet?  To keep it in the fridge?  K, just checking.  I told everyone that I gave it to to keep it chilled - even gave the a sheet with instructions that said "Keep in Fridge".  Did they all do it?  Nope!  

                                                                                     HOW TO TAKE IT

• Kids that are old enough for honey take 1 teaspoon a day.
• Adults take 1 TBSP a day
•Sick? Take 2 or 3 times a day for a while * (see notes below)
• Feel free to add any of the Vitality Essential oils from Young Living that you want to take to your daily dose.


"But Gayle, I read this blog about the dangers...."

You may have heard a buzz about not using your Elderberry syrups as it may cause something most of us have never heard of:  Cytokine Storm.  Dr. Donna Mazzola, Pharm.D. wrote about it on her blog, DrAutoImmuneGirl.com. And the whole Elderberry-taking world blew up lol!  Not really, but it seemed like it!  I listened to an interview with her and 3 other pharmacists regarding COVID-19, and this was a topic presented.  The COVID-19 "spikes" on the outside of the virus cell (and all Coronavirus "spikes") kind of "pierce" and settle in the lungs and cause them to inflame.  This makes it hard to breathe and produces the dry cough people report.  Because Elderberry Syrup raises our Cytokine levels in a good way (like sleep does), this concern was considered. An increase in Cytokine levels is a form of "good inflammation".   This might get tricky for someone with Auto Immune disease or those already with very compromised immune systems, are undergoing Chemo, or are taking a type of drug therapy.  ANY time you add any herbs or supplements or essential oils into a health plan that includes daily synthetic drugs, you ALWAYS need to tell your Dr. what you are doing. ALWAYS.  Do I? You bet I do! I walk in with my bag of supplements and my purse of oils on every check up.  Believe me, my doctors office KNOWS lol. For those already experiencing inflamed lungs from COVID-19, the fear is that if your lungs are already inflamed, this would cause further inflammation in the lungs. (However, I have not heard that it has). And since this is a "novel" virus, we really don't know.  Anyway after looking into this, I still am taking my Elderberry Syrups, along with thousands of others Elderberry Syrup users.  I still feel it's important to keep using it now for the "good inflammation" - the kind that fights off the stuff trying to make me sick! If you are normally healthy and get COVID-19, you may want to stop your Elderberry while you have that dry cough.  (Unlike the normally suggested increase in using it when you don't feel well).  COVID-19 symptoms include a high fever, and the high fever is busy killing off the virus at that point.  Elderberry can be saved for when you are well. Here is some more info by another Dr. on the panel that I reviewed, and also my favorite Oily Pharmacist, Dr. Lindsey Elmore:  Read HERE.

Stay well! Keep up good habits!  Take care of each other in love!!

Next post will be on how to use Essential Oils and CBD for emotional uses :)

November 2020 - what surprises will you bring forth???

November November...what shall we expect this month????
Enclosed:  November promo's, events, holiday catalog news!!!

😝 When you flipped your calendar or planner to November, were you wondering what else 2020 could launch at us?  Ha!  I am just sitting back watching theatre of life will bring about in this month!!  

βœ… We have no idea what will happen regarding our election (just what we think or hope!)
βœ… Cases cases cases cases (think Meg Ryan singing horses horses horses horses in "Sleepless In Seattle")
βœ… Can we? Can't we? Should we? Is everything virtual?  Should I grab some TP before the store shelves empty again?
βœ… Will everyone "behave" if we dare get together for a Thanksgiving meal?
βœ… Should I bring potato salad or wine to the protests/civil war....?

Oy!  I'm sorry if any of that offends you, kinda πŸ˜‰, but shoot - I've lost a few friends over just being me, but the GOOD news is that I gained MORE and got closer to several as well. Moral of that story - just be yourselves.  We are more than the mainstream media stories of the moment!  Embrace life - ENJOY and appreciate the uniqueness of each of your people!

 I'm not gonna stress too much. What happens is what God allows, and it the end, HE wins!  So, I'm gonna live my life.  Each day, I'll get up,and read some scripture and pray. I'll see who's birthday it is on Facebook and wish them well.  I used my planner plenty in 2020 and I'll keep it up again.  I'll ABSOLUTELY keep my health in the forefront through balance, rest, exercise, good clean food and the best supplements and oils on earth! 

 Folks, now is NOT the time to be lazy with your health.  OK never is really a good time to do that, but we all get a smidge lazy now and then, but let's pinky swear to not give ourself too many days off of taking care of ourselves, k?

As we gather around the table this month we get to focus on all the things we are grateful for. I am incredibly thankful for my family, my home, and of course my oils! How about you? I would love to hear! I think our world could always use a little positivity spread around, don’t you think? So get out your yummiest oil and read on!

Important Announcements


Folks:  Beautiful things are available to purchase on Monday!!  For a review of what they are, just check this post out HERE!!  Read the info below for best results in ordering!

ONE OF THE "2020 funnies" this fall was the colossal failure of the prettiest Holiday                   catalog launches to date! Ya, that was super fun! 🀣 I snuck my order in however.....and it showed up 3.5 weeks later of course! 😳 However, it was high time to get the House of Young Living in order with our web site and shipping!  So as they say - everything happens for a reason.  I was sad, but I'm thankful Young Living decided to do the right thing and get things on track before the holidays!  

Moving forward, we are investing in innovative systems that will support us as we continue to grow. We know you want a business that you can rely on - one that’s stable and secure. Thank you for your patience as we work on a solution that protects you and your business and allows us to build a platform that you are proud to support.

So, Good news! Monday morning, November 9, you’ll be able to shop Holiday Launch products in your Virtual Office!  All Holiday Gift Guide items are still in stock!  But they WILL go fast!  So set your phasers for Monday morning 9 am MST ( 10 CST, 11 EST, 12 PST)

Yep all members including NEW members will get a chance to get this lovely kit!

9 oils!
Hand Sanitizer
Sweet Aroma Diffuser
Awesome bag for all of it!
FREE membership (24% discount on future purchases!!)

There will be some type of queue system applied (and yes I had to look up how to spell "queue"....again) which is not completely clear to me,  so..... we get to all see how that works together!  I ordered a few things yes the one day we were able to, but I want MORE!!!  So I'll be waiting with you on Monday.  I'm for sure going to get the "Once Upon a Farm" set if I can,  and use that in give-aways during December for my ordering members...just sayin!  Need a refresher of what's included?  HOLIDAY CATALOG!  I will send a quick text and email to all members when the catalog is "live" on Monday.  Our new website launches as well, so things will look different, and hopefully better!

YES, THERE STILL IS A GIVEAWAY!!  I had started a little "Pivot! Give it!" giveaway if you ordered in October, but,  well we all know how THAT turned out 😝 so I placed that contest on hold and have now  expanded it!!  If you entered it's still there!  If you order holiday items again in November,  enter again!  I adding LOTS of prizes and will send out more on that early next week!!  Watch your emails and texts for GIVEAWAY specific info coming Monday night!!  

Speaking of catalogs....we have a brand new 2020/2021 products guide! NEW PRODUCT GUIDE!  If you are one of my members, I want you to have one!  Add it to your next order, contact me and I'll reimburse!  

ADVICE:  Think about getting your Christmas ducks in a row and order early!  So while your are getting your orders together for the catalog, grab some of our other awesome things to place in one order! (*see below for this months' freebies!) Or if you love our essential rewards system, order your regular ER order there (for points and promo's) and order your holiday faves on a shop order for MORE promo's!  ** Holiday catalog items cannot be ordered on ER

My sweet and TALENTED uplines created a kickin' holiday guide of their own that is just full of ideas!  Check out the catalog here:


So let's chat now about Events.  Are you up for it?  I'm having a few in-person events at my home in Lansing Illinois.  But I will be doing some digital classes as I can.  Most of them will be recorded and added to my learning channels and broadcast out to you via this format.  Young Living has some cool virtual learning options too.  So without further adieu, here we go:


ELDERBERRY WORKSHOP DATES:    I'll be doing two in-house dates for elderberry syrup making. November 12 and December 17. 

BEAD BRACELET CLASSES:      I'll be doing two in-house dates in December for bead bracelet classes.   DECEMBER 10 AND DECEMBER 12.  

All events will be at 6 pm.  Mark you calendars and watch for more detailed info in Monday nights email and on Facebook if you use it!



At Young Living, we’re all about growing the health, wealth, and happiness of our members—and with 26 years behind us, we’re still going strong! Join us as we share the power of pure essential oils to grow your dreams into reality!


In light of the current situation, we are transforming the way we do events. To ensure a safe and fun experience for attendees, On the Grow events are moving to a virtual platform.


For upcoming event dates and ticket details go here: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/events/education-events/on-the-grow



Join in with other Young Living beauty enthusiasts across the globe during these incredible Virtual Beauty School events. You will get to preview the latest information on YL’s personal care line, get hands-on training with YL’s skin care products and essential oils, plus gain access to exclusive beauty school presentations along with free pampering services and business-building ideas. You will also get an exclusive Beauty School Kit that includes a branded carrying case filled with full- and sample-sized Young Living personal care products; Amoressence, the Beauty School’s event-exclusive essential oil blend; and a beautiful hardbound how-to book.


For upcoming dates and ticket details go here: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/events/beauty-school

Featured Recipes

Take a look at these seasonal recipes. Try them all and tell me your favorite! 


Oil of the Month


This blend is such a foundational blend for Young Living users, a trusty must-have this season! It’s a powerful combination of Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Rosemary essential oils that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. It is also a key ingredient in Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Wipes, Thieves Foaming Hand Soap and more. Thieves is your go-to for an invigoratingly clean and spicy scent that smells more like fall baking than harsh cleaning formulas. It even comes in a Vitality version so that means it can be ingested! 

 Did you know Young Living offers a Thieves Premium Starter Kit? Hook your friends up with it this holiday season so they can experience the incredible benefits as well! Simply share your member number with them to enter upon checkout so you get the referral $ for helping them start. Visit www.youngliving.com/IDS for more info.

Monthly Young Living Promos

When your order hits one of these PV levels you will receive the corresponding products for FREE! Look at everything you get for free when you hit 300 PV!

That's all for now folks!!  The fun is just beginning!!


Refresh With Ravintsara Essential Oil - A Hidden Gem In Your Oil Drawer!

Refresh With Ravintsara Essential Oil - A Hidden Gem In Your Oil Drawer!


What the heck is that?  Well, it's a plant from Madagascar well known for it's beneficial essential oil! In fact in Madagascar, they call it "the oil that heals".  

Most people have no idea Young Living has an oil of this name. They are familiar with the blend "Raven" which gets it's name from this oil and more, and that's as far as they go. I was like that too until recently.  In fact I had FIVE of them in my drawer, which made me decide to start USING this oil and developing a relationship with it!  Once you experience oils, that's what happens - your body responds and recalls. 

This is a very cleansing oil.  It's invigorating, will produce clearing, and is also a kick in the pants to your immune system!  Which is why it's in Raven and also our powerhouse blend calls ImmuPower!

Hey friend, don't just keep this one in the drawer until you thing you don't feel well. Learn to love this oil!  Here are some tips that will make this oil a staple in no time!

 πŸ‘ƒ 😷  add a drop or two in laundry! 🧺 
I hear soooo often how people love their #NaturalLaundryDetergent 🧼 but wish it was better on the #stinkyclothes.  You know that load - πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ workout clothes kid πŸ§’ clothes work πŸ‘·πŸ» clothes.  I add a little vinegar, and I often add #purification, but for the extra smellies, I add a few drop of this powerhouse: Ravintsara 

How about a Chest Rub?  πŸ˜·Open those lungs up with some soothing Ravintsara and a little carrier oil of choice!  Best and SAFEST way to self treat! 
Brain 🧠fog anyone?  Drop that Ravintsara right on the old noggin!
Want a spectacular new diffuser blend?  I got to work on that and created this new blend called FRESH - and I'm OBSESSED!  

Learn all of this and more in my Oils Chat With Gayle series on both #IGTV and #YouTube on Ravintsara
Enjoy your Ravintsara!
- Gayle - 

FIRST LOOK at out FABULOUS Holiday Catalog!

These will not last for long, and when they are gone, they are gone!  

 I'm so exciteddd! 🌟 I vote we skip straight to the holiday season this year -- I'm so ready. I want all the things under my tree from young living 🌲 https://mailchi.mp/eb3b0a6c7956/shop-holiday

The launch was today, but of course the web site IMMEDIATELY froze - πŸ˜– Working on it.  Keep trying friends - it's worth it!!

More info on all if this soon :)  Some items will officially launch in November.
  Text me what you are going crazy for!? I mean, my cart is going to be full πŸ’ƒ I'm here if I you need me!

Gayle Reinsma
708-670-2066 cell

WOW!! Kids LOVE essential oils! Young Living Loves Kids!

WOW!! Kids LOVE essential oils!  Young Living Loves Kids!
NEW Essential Oil products JUST for the Littles!!

Wow, just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Little Oilers set, we have been waiting for you!  But what a cool surprise with this roll-on option as well - woohoo!!!

And check out this NEW OIL!!

I hear it smells like a Valor and a Dreamsicle  - so.......yes please!  


This adorable starter kit is only available to NEW members (or new spouse account new members) starting Wednesday September 16 at around 1 pm Central.  To get it, just go HERE!
And as an added bonus, new members that snag this sweet set get a FREE  NEW Kidpower oil too!  


This collection is geared towards babies and children.

***BONUS—until Sept 30th, new members will get a FREE 15ML KidPower oil.***

This comes with a Feather the Owl diffuser, which also has a nightlight and sound machine.
Includes a set of 5ml bottles of Sleepyize, Owie, Geneyus, Sniffleease, and Tummygize**(details on what these oils are for below!) and two roller fitments to pop on any oil you want for easy application!

• Item no.: 30525
• Retail: $135
• WHS: $135
• PV: 100
• New enrollments only
• Limit 1 per account


A BRAND NEW oil blend just for kids! Welcome Kidscents oil #6 to our Kidscents line! It is basically Valor (emotional hugs and courage in a bottle) but for children! Bravery in a bottle for the littles! This NEW oil will remind you of Valor with a hint of an orange creamsicle. It’s got orange and vanilla and has a sweet aroma. Roll on wrists or spine, or take a big inhale, when you’re going into a new situation and need some courage. It comes in a 15ml and also comes as one of the 6 in the new Kidscents roll-on collection.

• Item no.: 33179
• Retail: $50
• WHS: $38
• PV: 38
• Limit 1 per account; Shop only

The Kidscents Roller Collection
All six of the kids blends are now in a convenient 10ml roller and arrives in an adorable box with a magnet close top/lid. These 6 roller bottles are diluted and perfect for easy application on spines, feet, wrists, shoulders and tummies! The Kidscents roll-ons are only available via this collection. Purchasing this collection will also earn you the 190pv promo which is Copaiba in Sept. You will also get a super-cape for your little one, while supplies last.

The other Roll-ons in this collection are the 5 current Kidscents blends we have now but in diluted and roller form, for easy application. Comes with Genyus (brain/cognitive), Sniffleease (sniffles), Owie (minor skin irritations), Sleepyize (for sleep) KidPower (emotions & courage), Tummygize (tummy help).

The Kidscents Roll-On Collection Includes:

Let’s call this one focus in a bottle. This oil is a game changer for anyone that has trouble focusing on one task! This is a great one to roller on the back of the neck (brain stem) before school work!
Throw a few rolls on a leather bracelet or necklace, apply a bit to wrists when you really need to concentrate.

Looove this on little chests and backs! Full of powerful oils like Eucalyptus blue, Palo santo, Lavender, Dorado azul, Ravintsara, Myrtle, Eucalyptus globulus, Marjoram, Pine, Eucalyptus citriodora, Cypress, eucalyptus radiata, Black spruce and Peppermint oils, this is so so needed during the fall and winter to make little lungs happy! Remember how we talk about how much we LOVE those tree oils? YUP. Full of ’em! My 6 year old son will even take his bottle and dab a tiny bit on the tip of his nose!

Leave this one out where the kids can grab it whenever they need it. It’s so beautiful to teach them to be in tune with their bodies needs! A swipe on the belly will help pretty much any issue feel better!
A blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger, and Cardamom, TummyGize is the perfect relaxing blend for massaging onto little tummies.

This relaxing bedtime (or anytime!) blend is so beloved for all ages! SleepyIze contains a beautiful combination of Lavender, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, Bergamot, and Sacred Frankincense, as well as sleepytime favorites Valerian and Rue! I cannot tell you how much we adore this blend in our little ones’ diffusers at night, and rolled on to undersides of their big toes and down the spine. Perfect for nighttime bonding and snuggles, you are going to LOVE it!!

For allllll the boo-boos!!!! Another one to leave out where the kids can easily grab it when needed! It’s formulated with Tea Tree, Elemi, and other oils which are gentle and perfect for the skin, so keep this one handy for application whenever your little one needs some extra love and care.

All new confidence building blend!

Item #: 35169
Price for this set: $195
PV: 195
Shop only
1 per account


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