Changing Gears in May!

Welcome to May!

In the Midwest, May means we can finally start planting without the risk of frost!  Mother's Day and Graduations signal the slip into the new seasons and schedules.   When you spring clean, consider some new beginnings for cleaner options for your home as you start fresh new seasons in your life.

Did you know that Europe has banned hundreds of ingredients that the US allows in our products and food? These harmful ingredients are found in everything from your home care products to the foods in your pantry and can cause many health problems. Things like synthetic food dyes found in common children's snacks and cereals can cause or exacerbate adverse neurobehavioral outcomes.
To keep your family as healthy as possible, let’s continue the trend of cleaning up inside and out and talk about other ways to ditch the harmful chemicals and ingredients in your home and switch to healthy alternatives. 
Whether you're looking to get a fresh start in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or living room, Young Living® has something for you! 
Here is one of my favorite resources that breaks down room by room what products/ingredients might be causing you harm and what YL products you can use instead! 
Check out the Oily Home Makeover Resource HERE.
As a little bonus, I put together some easy-to-read graphics to help you see what harmful ingredients are lurking in some of your most common household items and what to swap them out with HERE. The first statement will shock you! 


Upcoming Events and Classes 

Want in on our little "not so secret" secrets?

Come explore the goodness and the world of possibilities in this one little box!!

I had requests to repeat "Surprise in a Box, so I am!  This will be held on May 18 at my home in Lansing IL.   I will also do this in YOUR home!  YL is continuing with it's host incentives, so it's a great time to share!  We already have LIFETIME benefits for sharing with friends, and this just adds to this!  Click on the picture for the event details!   Register HERE , or just reply to this email.  I look forward to seeing you!

Have you ever wondered why people who start using Essential Oils (good ones that is) seem to be "hooked for life?" 

Is there some magic mist that arises from these bottles that turns us all into little Oily Stepford People?  πŸ€£
Once you meet an oiler, you never find them without a bottle of Peppermint or Lavender or Thieves (or all 3!) "at the ready" the minute you say you have a headache, indigestion, stuffed nose, or more. And they all just seem to know what to do with these things??  

If you have ever wondered why, then YOU need to start experiencing the life changing rapid responses those of us i the know already do! 


 Save the date for the upcoming Young Living Convention in July! Get discounted pricing on your in-person or virtual ticket until May 30th HERE.

Monthly Gifts with Purchase

We just love our monthly freebies!  They always are carefully picked for a theme and purpose.  In May, its:  Healthy gut = healthy skin!  Citronella for the gut?  YES!  

"The potent anti-inflammatory and deworming properties of this oil work well for eliminating worms and microbes from the stomach and intestines. In the case of food poisoning, it soothes the stomach lining and restores the balance. Being a natural diuretic, it encourages urine production while the digestive property of the oil not only helps in digestion but also upsurges appetite." (Source Netmeds)

Click the graphic below to learn more!  

Digize is a perennial fave for any digestive issues! From indigestion to too firm or too loose stools, digize will put you BACK in balance!  Detoxime is new to me - I'll be trying it for the first time soon. I understand it's a key component to a healthy gut!  Rose Ointments is one of our premier skin remedies!  And Citronella is quite the un-sung hero!  We all know it's for bugs, but did you also know it's also helpful for muscles?  Be sure to watch my emails for more ideas for Citronella!  

May wellness box ideas for the whole family! 

Have you started your Loyalty Rewards orders yet? It's the best deal! Get free points to cash in for free products when you order 50PV or more monthly. Learn more about Loyalty Rewards HERE.

PS: Father’s Day is next month! Show the Dads in your life appreciation by putting together a little care package. Check out a few of my resources with great gift ideas for the special men in your life! 

 Have a great week friends!  
~ Gayle ~

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April SHOWERS of Savings!! Plus TWO classes designed to not "overtax" your liver or your wallet!


It's Spring Launch time!! An event we look forward to annually! And this year, Young Living did it again- you will LOVE this!!  And if you are "get the point NOW" person - here are the details:  SPRING SALE WITH NEW OILS!

March is all about GATHERING, and Young Living wants to celebrate this with discounts!

In like a Lion, out like a lamb. That's the month we are in.  We have had warmth, a few really severe rain storms with lightning and thunder, wind, more warmth, snow and ice, and now it will be 60 tomorrow, so - typical Midwest March!

It's also the month I can "pretty much" assume that I can plan an event that won't get cancelled by the weather.  Pretty much. We had one of our worst storms with a 3-day power outage in March 25 years ago, but all in all - it's good!

Young Living rolled out an irresistible offer grouping too, and EVERYONE BENEFITS!!

How sweet it is to be together! πŸ«Ά

There’s nothing quite like being face-to-face, and for the month of March, Young Living wants to sweeten your gatherings even more!

Whether you are hosting an Oils 101 class, a DIY gathering, a vendor event, or a neighborhood oil-inspired party, we want to join!

πŸ€ In March, we have 3 offers for your in-person gatherings. Check out the details below:

1. Plan to host a gathering and let us know when it is! Young Living will gift the host with a code for 15% off an one-time order of 100 PV or more. There is no limit to the size of your order, so grab NingXia to cheers and your favorite oils to diffuse, or anything you need for DIY recipes. The choice is yours!  Just have over a a friend or two and share your faves!  If you need help, we have some great "classes in a box" available for your use just to help you feel more confident.  

Q: How do I receive 15% off?
A: An email and text will be sent to all Brand Partners with a JotForm to fill out about your event. You will then receive an email with your code for 15% off. The discount will be available to you until 11:59pm on March 31st, but only applicable to one one-time order.  To become or upgrade to Brand Partner, go HERE

2. For your existing customers in attendance, we will give you a code for them to use to enjoy free shipping with an order of 100 PV or more. This code will be included in your email with your host code.


3. As announced earlier, new customers in the month of March will automatically receive free economy shipping on orders of 100 PV or more. 

We look forward to seeing and hearing about our Young Living family getting together and continuing to grow this month. 
Thank you for your continued partnership, and here’s to a great March! 🀝



This LOVELY new offering is here just in time! You can either put that on your 15% off wish list (the discount you get for having a few friends over) or get it with free shipping! And if you are BRAND new, you get a special surprise from ME!!  


I haven't smelled these yet, but since I'm hosting an event this month, I have this sweet 15% coupon to use on myself, and you can bet this is on my list!  Here is more on Simplified Spring:

☁️ FRESH LINEN, 10 ml. 
• Evokes the clean, pure fragrance of freshly laundered linens blowing in the breeze - this is SO GOOOOD!!!!!!
• Fills your space with a clean feeling of renewal and fresh starts.
• Fresh Linen: Lemon, Lavender, Cypress, Tea Tree, Bitter Orange, Cistus.

β˜”οΈ SPRING RAIN, 10 ml. 
• Captures the scent of warm spring rain
• The perfect wake up and start the day blend!
• Transforms your space into a lush, soothing sanctuary
• Spring Rain: Spearmint, Vetiver, Beramont, Cypress, Patchouli, Tea Tree.  


• Elicits the crisp aroma of a walk through the pines
• Grounding, calming, and just perfect for when you need a little zen
• Transports the senses to serene evergreen forests
• Tranquil Forest: Pine, Frankincense, Lemon, Cedarwood, Pepper, Bitter Orange.

OH. MY. MY. Take my money YL ha! 

If you are ready to get your very own Young Living customer account with this set, and snag that free diffuser, go here:  Shown is the Haven diffuser, but I also have 2 others to pick from and will let you decide once you set up your account.

Don't forget - we always have monthly specials of free gifts with purchase. We have them every month, for all, regardless of whether you host a party/class or not. Our rewards for sales you refer also are forever. This is why our love our programs above any other out there!  
Enjoy your gatherings folks!  

Let's chat soon!
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Continuing the month of Love - who doesn't love a Valentines Flash Sale!?!

Valentines Flash Sale!
Love is in the air!  And if you love your oils, your diffuser, fabulous skin care and some self pampering as much as I do, then this is for YOU!!  Starting NOW through Feb 8!  

You now have permission to pamper YOU, or the special someone in your 
 life, with our most ELEGANT diffuser and other lovely self pampering!  You will fall IN LOVE with the little roller set with Lavender! (I'm a sucker for cute bottles...)

Our Bloom Skin care line and our CBD beauty boost are the finest skin care items you will every use. This time of year, your skin needs that extra TLC!!  Couple that with the mask and the Wolfberry eye cream (one TINY little smidge is all you need!) and you will be glowing!  I'm living proof folks - my skin is ALL YL!  This picture below is untouched with no filter.  I stood in my room, set the camera on "timer" and just took some pics! The background is all that I messed with.  

All of the details on this sale are are right here!  FLASH SALE

Speaking of Self Care...Have you checked out "14 Days of Self Love" yet?  You should! 14 Days of Self Love

**This sale is regular orders only.  New members will get the 24% wholesale price automatically as soon as your order reaches 100pv!  And you'll get to keep that discount forever as long as you don't let your membership lapse.  

You may have questions - if so, please contact me!  Contact Gayle

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Hello February!

Hello, February! 

Love is in the air! But what about showing yourself some love!  
Are you looking for some new inspo for your oils and products?  How about an IRL (In Real Life) event???
You have TWO options this month!  One is inspiration sent to you daily, and other, I hope, will be in person!!

I say "I hope" because it's been a crazy few months for me!  I lived and worked in Florida for 6 weeks and return Feb. 5. My second grandson is due any minute!  Depending on when he arrives and if we'll be spending some time in Michigan will determine things, but I'm 99% sure I can do an in person event IN MY HOME on Feb 23!!

Let's focus this month on a little  "self-love" by some habits and also a little pampering.  You get to kick off this month with '14 Days of Self-Love' - free!   Click the picture below to get started! 


Upcoming Events & Classes

  • 14 days of Self Love (click the pic above for this emailed/texted class
  • ONLINE classes offered by my leader:  Emotions Potions (Feb 7) and Make and Keep (Feb 23) Info Below.  
  • In addition to this I want to invite you to an IN PERSON class:  Massage Essentials!!  

If you can't make it in person, I will have a Facebook/email option as well, but you want to make this one in person!  Not only will you get to experience ALL of our amazing massage oils, you also have a chance to make a one-of-a- kind roller using one of them!  

  • In person event in Lansing on Feb. 23, 2023, at 6:3o pm. 
  • Register here:  Event Registration

Info on the ONLINE classes my leadership is doing:



Join us in February for our "Emotions Potions" Workshop on Zoom by Myra Zarbrough.  It's going to be packed full of information and education about using Young Living essential oils to support your emotions and well being in the most impactful ways

This class will take place on Tuesday, February 7th at 8PM CST.

Passcode: BEWELL


Do you have oils sitting on your shelf just begging to be used?? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

I want to help you! You're invited to join me and your oily friends for a fun evening on Zoom next month where we will make three recipes together for you to keep or giveaway.

Monday, February 13th at 7:30pm central 

Here is your supply list for this event:

You have plenty of time to order supplies to have them on hand before the class! Make extras to give as gifts and order accordingly.
πŸ“£ We will be making an appetite control roller, a romance roller or massage oil blend, and a linen spray.
Feel free to share this opportunity or gather some friends to watch the Zoom together with supplies!
Register for this class in advance to be sent the link and a reminder: 


Monthly Gifts with Purchase

Check out this month's Gifts with Purchase From Young Living!  

As always, the 190 pv  level is perfect! And if you love our oils, supplements and Thieves line, this is EASY to hit!  At 190 you get our bright and sunny LUSHious Lemon lotion and that "oh so perfect for your skin" Bloom blend!  The easiest skin serum you will ever make is to just add 15 drops of bloom to an upcycled 15ml empty YL oil bottle and fill up with either our V-6 or some grape seed oil.  More ideas for these products coming in the emails later this month, so stay tuned!  

February Wellness Box Ideas

If you don't know what to put in your monthly wellness box to get those FREE gifts with purchase, here are some ideas that are also perfect to spice things up in the romance department. 
 Cheers to deeper connections and intimacy this month! 

Still need your first set of oils?  Go here!

Do Young Living as a business:   Oil like it's my job!

Stay tuned next week for more ways to use your products and other tips! 

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