Lymph Challenge FALL 2022!

Hey folks - it's that time again! Time for another LYMPH CHALLENGE!  

Who wants to join us? 

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We have an incredible group going with all the details led once again by Tiffany Schreck Smith,  RN (she’s an expert on all things lymphatic system!).  I'm SOO ready - the last one was GREAT for me!  

Fall Lymph Challenge 🌿

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DATE: October 1-14!


👉 The Lymph system is the ‘River of Health’ in our bodies

👉 Strong lymph flow = healthier body

 Slow lymph flow = greater risk for many undesirable symptoms.

How to Join the Challenge:

1.  REPLY to this message (or contact me via the contact for) with "I'm in for the Fall 2022 Lymph Challenge!"

2.  Grab your Young Living products (this is optional) via this link:  LYMPH LIST

3.  OPEN you email from with the link to the Facebook group and be sure to join!  There are a few other items to buy detailed in the email, all inexpensive and easily located at a local store.  You want to be all set and ready to go October 1!   If you absolutely hate Facebook (can't blame ya lol!) I can send you the file with the instructions to follow along on your own.  But, I won't be able to send you all of Tiffany's exceptional training video's! She's already doing some pre-education now and it's SO good!   My email to you will also have a link to some of my fave dry brushes to use if you don't have any, and a video I like for dry brushing and neuro-lymphatic massage. 

Again, Why should you join me in this???

There are several telltale signs that lymphatic fluid is not moving effectively and that toxins are building up in your body:
• Bloating 
• Swelling in your fingers/rings fitting more tightly 
• Brain fog 
• Digestive issues 
• Parasites 
• Depression 
• Sinus infections 
• Skin problems/dry and or itchy skin 
• Enlarged lymph nodes 
• Chronic fatigue 
• Feeling sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning 
• Unexplained injuries 
• Excess weight 
• Cold hands and feet 
• Constipation 
• Worsened allergies 
• Food sensitivities 
• Increased colds and flu 
See why it is important?! 

Just reply 
"I'm in for the Fall 2022 Lymph Challenge!" and I'll send you those instructions.  Remember, the Young Living Product list for this challenge is optional.  You are welcome to join just for the education!  

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