April Showers of Exciting NEWS! April Promo's, GIVEAWAYS, CBD news and more!


  • April Promo (it's awesome!)
  • GIVEAWAY contest with 30+ prizes!
  • CBD Starter Kit news - you'll love this!
  • Recap of our new product launch from Spring Rally!  (With 2 new mascara's!)
  • Fun tips and recipes enclosed!


Happy April!

We have officially entered Spring! Do you have flowers budding yet? It always feels like a breath of fresh air when I can hear the birds singing and see the green grass surfacing. This month we also get to celebrate Easter… and for most of us it's from a distance. Be sure to break out all your spring diffuser recipes and create an uplifting environment as we travel through these uncharted waters “together.” In this unprecedented time like none of us have every seen, let's do all we can to practice good habits in healthy ways.


Important Announcements

Sadly, I have no physical classes planned, including the Make and Take (Scheduled for March, r/s for April, and now on hold).  However, in my FREE CLASSROOM GROUP on Facebook I have 2 classes coming up this week and one a week on Tuesday nights all month long!  This Tuesday, April 7, will be all about the NEW products that were launched last Saturday, and on Wednesday April 8, I'll have a video instruction class on EACH of the free oils in the April 2020 promo's. Classes generally begin around 8 pm CST.

Spring Launch 2020

 In case you missed it, here is a quick overview of our new products!  SPRING LAUNCH!  (Did you see?  Two NEW high quality mascara's!)


You know that song "We Need a Little Christmas"?  We need it in all kinds of ways, from spirituality to blessings of gifts.  I decided to thank you all for USING your oils and continuing in your offensive lines of body system preparedness by ordering the important things we need!  So this month, I have a FUN contest!!!  

I took that picture on the other day, and the pile of fun has already GROWN! I have AT LEAST 30 Prizes, from booklets to the SWEET AROMA DIFFUSER and OILS....which include MYRRH!  I've already added to what is shown here.  If you look a little, you will a few things you cannot even GET from Young Living anymore, including the Chocolate Masque!  

HOW IT WORKS:  It's super simple.  Everyone who places an order is eligible (if you fill out the google form). Any order that carries pv (meaning you pay for it in anything other than points) works, so if you order more than once, you enter for each order.  If you are BRAND NEW and get your STARTER KIT this month (ANY KIT!) you get to enter TWICE.  If you refer someone to Young Living, you also get to enter!   ENTRY FORM!  
I sure hope that text is big enough for ya.  Some people have trouble FINDING the form - ha! Some of you will get a small gift, some bigger. A few might get more than one prize - it just depends on how it rolls out, but I play fair.  I'm so excited - this is so much fun for me! I keep adding things here and there, so this will be sweet!  Some of you have referred friends that do not receive my posts - please forward the entry form to them - thanks!  

YES, EVERY Young Living Member can now experience the huge savings of a CBD Starter kit!

When our CBD Starter Kits launched last January, only new members could get in on the amazing savings.  Now, everyone can!  But for now, it's only ONE per ACCOUNT!

🌿CBD Premium Starter Kit🌿

Calm CBD Roll-On, 300 mg

Citrus CBD Oil, 500 mg

CBD Muscle Rub, 300 mg

Wholesale Price: $165 {a savings of over $113 off of retail!}

🌿Extra Strength CBD Premium Starter Kit🌿

Calm CBD Roll-On, 600 mg

Citrus CBD Oil, 1,000 mg

CBD Muscle Rub, 600 mg

Wholesale Price: $250 {a savings of over $221 off of retail!}

Monthly Young Living Promos


Young Living is giving you just what you need to give your home a fresh start this month... and since we are spending more time there these days, let's make the best of it! Look at everything you get for free when you hit the 400 PV level!! Remember, for more details on how to use these "perfect for this time" set of oils, be sure to tune in Wednesday April 8


Featured Products

Ready for a few product tips and recipes?  Here goes!


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, consider whipping up some easy DIY perfumes to gift to that special woman in your life. Try this recipe out, featuring four incredible oils that are sure to enhance that inner wildflower. 


Bohemian Wildflower Spritz 

  • 16 drops Patchouli
  • 16 drops Bergamot
  • 16 drops Myrrh
  • 12 drops Joy

Add essential oils to 2 oz. glass spray bottle and top with witch hazel or vodka. Distilled water can be used if you desire. Shake before each use. 

Why these oils?

  • Patchouli: With a rich history and unique aromatic profile, Patchouli is perfect for the free spirit. Use its calming, relaxing aroma during meditation or yoga practice or to create a peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Bergamot: While Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma, there are also sweet and relaxing elements, making it a popular addition to perfumes. 
  • Myrrh: The oil is recognized for its beautifying properties and grounding aroma. It has a calming, complex aroma that brings a deeper sense of spirituality.
  • Joy: With its combination of floral and citrus essential oils, this blend invites togetherness and is used adoringly by members all around the world.

 For fun: Keep your eyes peeled in my online class group...we have a PERFUME class coming up soon! 

Oil of the Month

The mood-lifting properties of Bergamot makes it a great addition to your morning routine and to liven up the atmosphere. The sweet and relaxing elements of this oil also make it a great addition to perfumes and colognes. It can be used topically and aromatically. It also comes in a Vitality version, which can be used internally.

 Topical Benefits 

  • May help calm everyday skin irritations
  • May reduce the appearance of blemishes
  • Has skin-cleansing properties

Note: Bergamot can cause photosensitivity; do not apply it before going into direct sunlight.

 Aromatic Benefits 

  • May help relieve tension during times of occasional stress
  • Has a citrus aroma with a floral hint

PRO TIP: Add a few drops of Bergamot to your favorite night cream or toner for additional cleansing properties and a fresh new look.

I lOVE my essential oils! I hope you do too!

- Gayle - 

Amazing October!

Amazing October!
Amazing October Updates! 
October is ALWAY exciting and rewarding with Young Living! One of the most FUN announcements is for those of you still thinking about getting your starter kit for the first time ever.......FREE SHIPPING!!   ANNNDDDDD ...for ONE lucky person, I have a coveted $20 off coupon!  Yep - this combo is RARE!  If you are ready to do this, you will need to contact me directly as I'll need to give you the code during the sign up process.  

Take a look at the starter kits and get in touch!  Go here:  Starter Kits! 

Still thinking about it?  Don't Forget about  THE ESSENTIAL OIL EXPERIENCE! 

Yep, it's THAT time of year!  Once a year Young Living gives us a chance to earn a FREE bottle of of one of our MOST treasured oils, Frankincense!  This precious gift is special!  Frankincense, aka "Frank", is amazing for skin, your brain, emotions and your immune system too.   A little research on this oil will keep you a fan for life!  But not all franks are created equal my friend.  Many strains are complete garbage.  Very few are as special as this one!  

Here is more info on the all of the specials this month!

400 PV tier

Retail value: $235.19: Frankincense 15ml , Bergamot 5ml, Cedarwood 15ml, Life 9, 30 capsules, Orange 15ml, Cinnamon Bark 5ml (ER Exclusive) Nutmeg 5ml (ER Exclusive) .  That's a whole lotta stuff free!!

300 PV tier

Retail value: $135.85: Bergamot 5 ml, Cedarwood 15ml, Life 9, 30 capsules, Orange 15 ml, 
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive) 

250 PV tier

Retail value: $103.29: Life 9 30 capsules, Orange 15 ml, Cinnamon Bark 5 ml (ER Exclusive), Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive) 

190 PV tier

Retail value: $64.47: Orange 15 ml, Cinnamon Bark  5 ml (ER Exclusive), Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive) 

100 PV tier

Retail value: $17.43 Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive) Freebies at 100 pv are only on ER - it pays to be on ER!

Tell me about the free oils! 

Frankincense, 15 ml

*Soak in scented suds: Mix 5 drops of Frankincense with 1 tablespoon of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and pour it in your bathwater for a relaxing dip.
*Reconnect with your purpose. Rub a drop or two of Frankincense into your hands, cup them lightly over your nose, and breathe in the grounding scent. 
*Add to your unscented moistruuzer, or mix with a little carrier oil for a fantastic facial serum.  Use same serum on breast for protection of your cells

Bergamot, 5 ml

*Diffuse the tension. Life’s daily hassles are no match for the tart, tranquil scent of Bergamot!
*Cleanse your complexion: Add Bergamot to your night cream or toner for fresh-faced confidence.** (Nighttime only as this is a citrus oil!   How cool - two great oils for the skin this month!!

Cedarwood, 15 ml

*Tame your mane:  Massage Cedarwood into your scalp for healthy-looking, touchable tresses. Great for beards too!
*Keep calm and say "om":  Breathe in Cedarwood’s grounding and relaxing aroma. 
*So good for sleep - mix with a little Lavender!  I diffuse this with Marjoram and Nutmeg!  And Nutmeg is Free this month!

Life 9, 30 capsules

*Go with your gut. Get on track for healthy digestion with a capsule a day of Life 9. 
*Welcome wellness. Support a strong immune system with 17 billion live cultures from nine types of good bacteria.*

Orange, 15 ml

*Trick and treat your senses. Diffuse 5 drops Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon Bark, and 1 drop Nutmeg for that warm cookie scent (Fun that all 3 are FREE this month at certain levels!)
* Reveal your inner radiance. Dab Orange essential oil onto blemishes before bed! This beauty secret will have you waving goodbye to bad skin days.** (Sun sensitive oil)

Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml

*Indulge in some TLC. Add a few drops of Cinnamon Bark to your favorite massage oil and rub over achy muscles and joints.
*Rock "scent-sational" spice. Blend Cinnamon Bark with a carrier oil and dab it onto your wrists or neck for an enticing personal fragrance.  It's a hot oil - be careful!  Cinnamon Bark is part of our Thieves blend...hello immune system support!

Nutmeg, 5 ml

*Nestle up to Nutmeg:  On cool, rainy days, pair this oil’s warm and uplifting aroma with a good book and a cozy blanket.
 *Pamper your belly. When your tummy is feeling crummy, treat yourself to a soothing stomach massage with equal parts Nutmeg essential oil and V-6.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying product. 

For fun, here is my year-round sleep diffuser blend!!

Holiday Catalog Unveiled!

It's always an exciting day when we get to see the Holiday Catalog unveiled, and this year it was no exception! The catalog launched Monday October 7, and as usual a popular item sold out in ONE day!! This year, it was our brand new foaming hand soap in Christmas Spirit!  I do hear it might come back, fingers crossed!  In the meantime, there are many . other great items - be sure to check the blue box below to check them out! 

I will have many of these fun new things at the Elderberry Syrup event, so save the date!  Elderberry night!  (October 24)

I have a bucketload of them below, including my FAVE recipe! (Shown above)  I love that several of the oils used in it are FREE this month!  And ALL of the oils in my favorite recipe are bundled in the "Home For The Holidays" oil set available at a discounted price in the holiday catalog!  Check em out!

Dig the recipes?  You are gonna LOVE our online class next week!  Check this out!

Oh you're gonna LOVE this online class Tuesday October 15 in ESSENTIAL OIIL ONLINE CLASSES! 
Thanks for reading along folks!  Don't lose out on the $20 voucher - if that's callin' your name, get ahold of me today!!  We'll check back with you in November for what is sure to be more amazing specials!!!