Handling Emotions During Difficult Times Using Essential Oils
Handling Emotions Using Essential Oils
It's late  March, 2020, and I'm writing this piece while the entire world is at war.  It's almost like it's World War III, except it's not with each other. It's with something so small, it has to be seen through a microscope.  COVID-19. The infamous "Corona Virus of 2020".  Discovered in 2019 and so named, this is what caused the entire earth to stop, starting with China and eventually causing every continent on earth to stop and take notice. 

We have feared a lot of things that would take us down, such as chemical or biological weapons, acts of war, financial takeovers,  cyber/information terrorism, hijacked power grids, poisoned water supplies, emotional and "holy war" takeovers, but a global pandemic?  Who would have that this would bring the world to it's knees!

As it was in China and is now in most other continents, we are being forced to just sit in our own homes. Fighting a "war" by sitting on the couch.  For the first time in the history of America, churches are not meeting in their sanctuaries; schools are not in meeting;  sporting events and public events nationwide are cancelled; stores and theaters are closed; trains, buses airports and airplanes are virtually empty - for weeks at a time. We are being ordered to stay home.  This sudden forced stop is causing a suffocating sort of despair. None of us know what to expect from this virus, or society, in the next few weeks.

Personally, I don't fear this virus.  I'm as prepared as I can be by doing my best to keep my immune-system strong.  Every single one of us will be exposed as some point, and many already have been.  I believe my body will handle it well, and I take the precautions I take all of the time, both by washing my hands and using my oils before, during and after compromising situations.  

What I Fear

On Friday, March 20, I knew my state of Illinois was about to enter "Shelter at Home", and the grip of anxiety grew in me, all day.  I have felt this fear twice in the last few years:  Once when my husband got frightening news from his doctor about his heart and the other as I waited two days to hear if my daughter's suddenly high-risk delivery of her baby would be successful.  In both, I had to wait two days to know anything. I had no control over this, there was not one thing I could do to rush the outcome or "fix" it. I had to wait.  I had to pray, use my oils, and wait.  If you know me at all, you would know that I do not stay down long.  Give me an answer I did not want, and I will immediately try to find a solution or a work-around.  It's how I control  my emotions, and since I'm an optimist, this works for me. Fear comes when I'm told that nobody knows yet, and all I can do is wait.  

Friends, my faith is in The Lord God. And reminders like this one, from Psalm 139:5, sustain me.  God has a plan in everything, including this.  Even if I get sick, there is a greater reason in all of this.  When my husband and daughter were going through their trials, I worried far more as it was THEIR lives, not mine, that were impacted, and I did not know how to handle that fact they they were in peril and I had not way to control it  So I think it's why that suffocating choke-hold worked it's way up from my gut to my throat that day in March ....  my fear is/was of this giant unknown: How will society behave now? How will people handle the financial impact, the boredome,loss of our freedom to just go about as we please each day.  Oh, we are all behaving now, but 12 days into this, it's already getting uncomfortable as people start to argue just what "social distancing" means and whether its acceptable to mourn the loss of kids being able to play in a playground .... to be judged on your opinions.  Seeing people completely disregard others while they mask and glove up in the store, hoard things, then whip those same masks off in the parking lots for you or your kids to step on because THEY cannot possibly bring those germs into THEIR cars or homes.  (And they're too lazy to dump them in the trash cans sitting there outside......). To see people in their 20's waltz into grocery stores during senior hours.... just  because they can.  To see teens being morons on social media doing disgusting things in grocery stores.  Hearing how guns and ammo are selling out and wondering when the looting will start if we are told that WE CANNOT WORK for now! And all this time at home - ugh. I used to hate being too busy - I would TREASURE my days that I got to remain at home for the entire day and night.  But now...

What's Happening to us?

While not all will be affected by the virus (for some, it will pass right on through) every single person on earth is being affected by the fall out.  We are living in an unprecedented time for this generation - one not experienced by many of us that are living today.  My parents lived through the depression and WWII, but there are few of us living today that have ever experienced anything like this! Our fears are all over the map, and they are very real!  

  • Will I get sick?
  • Will I die?
  • Will either of these things happen to family members or friends?
  • Where is it safe to go?
  • When can I go back to work?
  • Will I suffer financially?
  • Will supply chains dry up creating severe shortages?
  • What will we end of doing to each other/How will society act if this goes on too much longer?
  • When will this end?

I don't have answers to any of those things - only God does.  I believe the Devil is having a fantastic time enjoying our fear.  He works on this weakness my friends!  If you are a praying person, that's your first response I hope - to pray.  Then to trust that God holds you in this, even if you do get sick.  One of our gifts from God is nature - plants.  A remarkable attribute of some plants are their essential oils, which can serve as incredibly potent emotional aids. 

When I first started using Essential oils, I used them mainly for body systems, then as ways to safely scent my home. Aromatherapy was not something I thought about at first, even though that's how most people used essential oils for years. I was more interested in discovering the ancient craft of using them systemically and I completely overlooked emotional uses.  That has changed, and I'm thankful I have an all-encompassing approach now, but it took me a bit to actually wrap my head around essential oils and well, my head lol! (Brain). 


The Limbic System of our brains are sometimes referred to as the "seat of our emotions".  Part of this system is the Amygdala, and it's kind of like our brain's alarm system as it triggers "fight or flight".  It's very close to our olfactory system and is extremely sensitive to scent.  This is why when you breathe in essential oils, they can have an IMMEDIATE effect on the brain.  And even more interesting, the Amygdala reacts to scent and emotion only - not to words.  I can say "boo" loudly and your Amygdala does not react to the term, unless YOU react to the situation.  

When you first encounter a situation and/or smell, the Amygdala's response becomes a part of you.  It's a very complex process that I'm going to over simplify by saying that this response it's now part of your DNA through a transcript enzyme.  When triggered (repeated), this immediately creates a catalyst for a bodily response (heart rate increase, sweating, fear, stomach ache) triggered through the hippocampus, which is the portion of our brains that form memories.  That's why certain situations or smells or even things you see can just "send" you. And today, these situations are very often triggered through the news and social media. We hear about the increase of COVID-19 cases and deaths, how more and more of our daily freedoms are now being limited, and for many people, losing jobs. This brings out that reaction of losing control.


There are few ways that you can use essential oils to calm the very real physical response that we get to the emotion of fear. 

*Applying essential oils to emotional VitaFlex Points

(On the feet that would be the Pineal, heart and Brain points.  On the ears, I feel you can do the entire outer rim.)

*Apply directly to chest, back of neck and/or shoulders.
*Apply to the top of your head in the center. 
*Drop them into your hands, swirl in a counter-clockwise direction, then place over mouth and nose and breathe deeply!  From the olfactory system to the amygdala, the response is quick and fascinating!
*Diffuse!!  Diffuse while working, diffuse while sleeping, diffuse during meditation and prayer.
*Use Dr. Benjamin Perkus's Aroma Freedom Technique     Dr. Perkus's AFT has been a life-saver for me!  I highly recommend that you check this out and purchase the books.  Using his system of interrupting knee-jerk memorized responses with incorporating your essential oils is fascinating and effective!   

Suggested Oils

Even if the only oil you own is Lavender, use it as suggested above!  Most of you that use Young Living at least have Stress Away (From the Basic Starter Kit), and many have even more oils such as Valor, Frankincense, and Peace and Calming to add to that list.  (And if you do not have a starter kit, It's time to get one!). Valor on my chest, like a warriors shield, is something I absolutely love!  

Acceptance and Present Time are two other faves for me - and those I like to apply right on the outside of my ears.   


Believe is a blend of love to wear on my chest, just like I use Valor. 

 Harmony and Release, one or the other, diffused, are ways I have been able to both express my emotions and calm down. The Release blend on the neck and shoulders has a way of getting me to actual release my fears.  These are my favorite ways to use these oils, but please experiment with different application ways - don't limit yourself to "directions".  Essential oils can be applied many ways!

And of course, CBD!

Last but not least, CBD!  CBD is well know for working with our emotions. My favorite of our CBD oils is the CALM roller blend. Young Living's CBD combines our Smart Spectrum Zero THC CBD with the finest of our relaxing essential oils to create what I feel is sort of my "emergency" remedy lol.  I don't use this one much - only when I can tell I'm in trouble. And that day was March 20.  It was a BAD day, my rock bottom day with this Pandemic so far.  The choke hold was on my throat, the nerves were crazy in my stomach, the I had terrible anxiety gripping my heart.  I was using my oils which helped to a point, but what I love about combining essential oils with CBD is that when used together, you can finally get where are you trying to go.  I applied my Calm Roller to my neck and chest several times that day, and I calmed down!  Then when it started again that evening, I applied it again around 8:30. And with that application, I relaxed and shortly after needed to SLEEP!  Earlier in the day I was not sleepy, just calm but in the evening, I was tired. This is important as you want CBD to do just that - give you what you need and not more.  So at night,  I slept.  In peace.  

Friends, I have no idea what will happen with me regarding this virus. I do hope these ideas helped you however,   For me, today, I am at peace as I know this is all in God's hands, and He has a purpose in this.  I have my moments however, but my oils and CBD help so much! I hope these tips also help you.  

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