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New Year, New Ways!  Changes Afoot! 

Or, Crisis Forces Change!

This may be a bit of a soap box post, but ....
This was my Facebook Post on January 16, 2021:

Who owns our ability to find info these days?  

Good old Facebook banned me!  Yep!  Me, someone who never uses the "F word, hate speech, demeaning speech, bullying, fear mongering and never starts protests - man, all you gotta do is laugh!!

We pay our ISP's, but are they SERVING us, or are they CONTROLLING us?  

There is a podcaster I love to listen to who has a different approach to saying "Changes Afoot!".  It's not language I use lol!  But it kind of applies to what's been going on in my way of communicating with my contacts to help them oil....her terminology starts with an "F" and ends with "ery"....and it makes me laugh when I think about what has forced my plan fast forward to keeping in touch.

You know what I talk about on Facebook?  Jesus, Oils, Natural medicine, dangers of vaccines, all from published medical and scientific reports AND medical professional commentary, AND how Congress sure wastes an inordinate amount of time!  

Facebook has been warning that any talk of natural, original, or what they call "alternative" and "unproven" (translate: the AMA can't cash in on it so they call it dangerous) health suggestions will be banned. Add to that any talk of today's political narrative that doesn't meet their view of things - boom - banned!  I make it clear that I am not a health professional and cannot diagnose or treat!  I encourage you to discuss all choices with your docs.  NEVER hide things from them especially if you have a chronic disease or are on maintenance meds.  I CAN show you how oils and CBD work with our body systems, point you to good research, and share how they work for me. 

Folks, it's just so sad.  Opinion is no longer allowed on Facebook and Twitter.  What a weird fake reality!  Free Speech is a right, but not on Social or Mainstream Media.  That's not the battle here at HelpMeOil, but health sure is.  Especially when it comes to original, natural ways.  Plants have been around a lot longer than big pharma or the AMA!  

I have a voice.  YOU have a voice!!  When we quietly just fall in line and "not say anything" about LEGAL opinions - just to stay our of trouble, we get lukewarm.  Milky white bland toast.  Is that you?

Here is a bit more on my opinion on this, and how I'm handling a lot of todays general stress:  S T R E S S video on my IGTV channel

So this is where my changes come in.  I was growing both weary and leery of Facebook since last spring when '"fact checkers", probably eating popcorn and drinking diet coke after their fast food dinners, popping otc meds for their indigestion and sleep deprivation, became "health experts" and "fact checked" (Googled) my researched posts.  Sometimes they even used Snopes  - a "fact checking" source that Googles everything.  Lame, useless, and also biased as Google is known to also only allow what they want you to see, removing what they do not approve from their massive platform.  (This is why I no longer "Google" stuff - I "DuckDuckGo" it instead).  I knew I had to start  making some changes, but the problem is, how do I do it?

People want easy and convenient - me included!  A lot of my options are requiring a bit more work. I was (and still am) setting up platforms on SEVERAL places, but it was requiring a lot of duplicate work, and time.  I needed to find a way to streamline it all so I don't have to post all over the place.   Facebook and Twitter, two of my platforms, have actually  made this decision easier for me.  I left the toxic landscape of Twitter weeks ago, and Facebook has decided I'm dangerous.  They white bland milk-toast stuff - a fakey Kum Ba Yah landscape of pretend.  You will FOLLOW THE NARRATIVE of "be gone!".  So, well, ok - I'm kinda gone!  Oh I'll keep my page there as a way to contact me, maybe add an oils post now and then, and keep an eye on friends. Gotta wish those Happy Birthdays!  And, maybe an absolute miracle will happen and they'll go back to being fair, but as of today, I'm not even allowed to post in MY groups! I'm BANNED from groups I own!  

There has been a bit of an exodus from Facebook anyway.  People are 'there", but not there. They keep their platforms, but are checking it less and less. That's been going on for a while. It can be a time suck and a drain.  What once was so fun and easy, and what built my business, is now dwindling.  My freedom to talk is being reigned in by platforms, ISP's even cell phone providers, and it's scary stuff!  However, our need for connection and information is not.  2020 changed everything, and 2021 is already NUTS, so our need to connect is stronger than ever!  I'm talking relationships here, not just learning oils and CBD. Watching Parler, which did not censor opinion (but did censor illegal posts) get de-platformed overnight was a reminder that free speech (for me about health, not politics) won't be available unless I find an independent platform. After all, Parler was at the mercy of Apple and Android, who both up and pulled the aps!  And then Amazon and Google banned their domains. A HUGELY popular app suddenly had their email provider, lawyers and ad servers DROP them - all in the span of DAYS!!!  Parler would not bend to their demands and they were extinguished.  So, let me get this straight:  I pay for an Internet Service Provider AND I pay for a cellular provider, but they get to TELL me what I can and cannot see.......hmmmmmm

I'm carefully examining other options.  My web site here is an option, but I still need to direct you to my information So far, I have found:  MeWe and Gab and Clouthub.  I'm currently on Pinterest and will be a more active "pinner". I'm also Instagram, and have been working on my IGTV channel, but it's owned by Facebook, so I can't bank on safety there.  YouTube is also censoring original and natural health ideas, and while I do have a channel there, I'm also working on creating a video platform on Rumble  (And, ultimately, if the world ever gets a free and fair ISP, it could be the new Wild Wild West the the internet used to be!  Hey - a girl can dream!)  but......

It's all well and good, but who is going to search for me on all of those, right?  For now, Announcements will begin her in blog posts and emails/texts and broadcast out via other platforms. You can always opt out of my newsletter, but I sure hope you hang around!!  
Remember, you can still find and contact me on Facebook and if you are ready to branch, find me on these as well!

Thanks for reading this far - I appreciate all of you!!  

- Gayle -


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