Elderberry Workshop Sept. 28, 2023
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Elderberry Syrup Demo/Class

Are you ready to get serious for the winter about Immune Health?  It's that time again.... time when we spend less time outdoors, eat less fresh food, experience less sunlight, and most likely increase our stress levels.  No wonder things like the flu increase by wintertime every year!

One of the best tools you can have in your fridge is a bottle of Elderberry Syrup!  This class/workshop is about the benefits of Elderberry Syrup and also a short demo on how EASY this is to make!  You'll also get to taste fresh Elderberry Syrup (so good!) and optionally purchase ONE bottle to take home for the cost of the supplies, which is $12.00.  (There is a limit of ONE bottler per class participant). And, you'll get to hang out with other oilers, share ideas and a little essential oil infused wine!  (Or oil infused water)

Learn this now so that you can  be ready to make some for you, family and friends.  A nice bottle of home-made Elderberry syrup makes a thoughtful gift!  

FREE ITOVI SCAN NIGHT!  Bioimpedance technology is used this simple non-invasive tool to help measure which oils and supplements will help bring you back into balance. Normally these scans are $5 per scan (Or $20 to purchase a lifetime membership)  Once a a year, they are FREE!  

SNACKS!  Gatherings are just more fun with food?  Feel free to bring an snack to share (optional).  We'll also enjoy some oil-infused wine!

RSVP's are required so that I have ample supplies.  You will need to be present at the class to purchase a bottle of syrup at my cost, which is $12.    No pre-orders will be taken, and no "after the class" purchases for these items will be available - I'm here to teach YOU how to do this at home and save money!  Elderberry Syrups go for almost double when sold to the public.  


When:  Thursday September 28, 2023

Time:  Class from 6:30 - 8:00 (please be on time)

Where:  Gayle's House in Lansing
      18559 Willow Lane

RSVP:   Required
This is not an open house event - class begins at 6:30 
Registration CLOSES  September 27

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