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Hi, I am Gayle 

Well Hey there!  I’m your new “person” in your health freedom journey!

Nothing makes me happier than opening up the exciting world of ancient natural wonders to my new friends.  But one thing I have discovered is that your shiny new oils quickly lose their luster when you just have no idea how to use them. Or, worse yet, you use them but experience nothing! 

Friend - there are two reasons why that happens:  

1. You don't know how to use them
2.  You bought the wrong oils (sourcing matters!)

Is that you?  Let's fix that. And if you perhaps are "secret reason Number 3" (bought awesome oils and let them sit on a shelf), oh dear one - that can be fixed


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Clients from all over agree - you have found the right help!

Gayle is very knowledgeable in her oils. If you want to learn how to use oils or the YL supplements...friend her because you will learn! She does her research or knows who to ask if she doesn’t know the answer.  


One Stop Shop of Oil Knowledge.  Quick to reply to a question or concern. Thorough in your research. Good at following-up. If someone is local and doesn’t have a specific oil for their need, you are quick and generous to offer drops from your own stash.  


 You know the best oils, the best ways to use them effectively, and I love your happy little videos!  


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Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Let's "Do Health" Together! 

Health goals are much more fun (and easier) when done in community!  And it's even better when it's all in one spot!  Start with the Essential Oil Online Classes Group and then when you are ready, I'll get you into even more advanced groups where we learn together!  


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