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Roller Ball Mania!

Join me for a FUN night where you can make Roller Balls to your heart's content!  You will be able make any of my roller ball recipes and pick from any of my roller ball colors and styles. Prices vary by recipe.  You can even save $1 per blend if you use a roller ball you bring from home! 

DIY nights are fun and informative.  You never leave here without learning something new, as this relaxed atmosphere is great for asking questions and learning - not only from me but from each other.  I have some door prizes left form my last event, so let's keep up the run and do door prizes AGAIN!  

Due to the nature of the set-up work, I do need to charge a $5 registration fee.  However, this fee will be returned to you in the form of a coupon to be used that night or at any other event in the future.  (Next month - Elderberry Syrup!).  Registration fees are non-refundable.  


When:  Thursday August  25, 2022 

Time:  Open house, 6 - 8 pm CST

Where:  Gayle's House in Lansing
      18559 Willow Lane

RSVP:   Required. $5 registration fee which will be returned to you in a $5 coupon to be used at this event or any other event at my home.  (Non refundable)

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