Welcome to the 2022 Young Living Spring Launch!

Spring Launch - it’s here!!! 🌸🌸

It's time! Time for our Spring Launch!  It's a bit less than usual because Young Living is working hard on continued improvements to our web site, strengthening our core line and supplies and getting back to basics, which include a good strong stock when nature allows keeping our exceptional essential oils and cbd front and center!  

We do have a few fun new things, the return of a NEEDED old fave, and, sadly, a reduction of our makeup line.  I'm SO sad about the makeup line scale down, but we are not a makeup company. We are a full service wellness company and we have some makeup!  However, I DID write Young Living requesting that a few of the discontinued things come back.  If you feel as I do, be sure to send them an encouraging letter (productsupport@youngliving.com)

Let's see what get's unveiled Saturday April 9 at 10am Central!   


Includes a 20% discount!
• Macaron Diffuser
• Lushious Lemon essential oil blend, 15 ml
• Jade Lemon essential oil, 5 ml
• Vanilla oleoresin, 5 ml
• Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap
Item #: 41598
Price: $140
PV: 100

• Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz
• Young Living-branded glass spray bottle with silicone sleeve, 16 oz
• Reusable dish cloths, 2 ct
Item #: 41106
Price: $45
PV: 23.50
• Thieves Dish Soap, 16 oz.
• Loofah dish sponge, 3 ct
Item #: 41105
Price: $26.50
PV: 19
Put them all in the dryer with 4-5 drops oil total, and your clothes dry faster, smell fantastic, all without the toxic build-up from conventional dryer sheets.  (Add a safety pin or two to reduce static!)
• Dryer balls in a reusable bag, 4 ct.
• Lavender essential oil, 5 ml
• Bergamot essential oil, 5 ml
Item #: 35328
Price: $40
PV: 20
IT IS BACK!!!!! After YEARS and YEARS of being out of stock!
This is a must-have supplement to get things moving, soothe an irritated digestive system, and get the toxins out!
Have you ever had those moments where you know you are going to eat or drink something that you know is not the best idea because it will upset your stomach?
How about you just feel a little clogged up and want to support a healthier digestive process?
Digest and Cleanse can help with both situations and more! It is simply essential oils encapsulated into a gel capsule.
Item #: 30998
Price: $31.75
PV: 31.75


• 15 ml essential oil holder
• 5 ml essential oil holder
• 1 oz. hand sanitizer holder
• Thieves®Waterless Hand Sanitizer, 1 oz
Cream Silicone Holders {With Sanitizer}
Item #: 41131
Price: $15
PV: 5.25
Sage Silicone Holders {With Sanitizer}
Item No.: 41104
Wholesale: $15
PV: 5.25
Purple Silicone Holders {With Sanitizer}
Item No.: 41129
Wholesale: $15
PV: 5.25
Silicone Holder Set {No Sanitizer!}
Item No.: 40918
Wholesale: $20
PV: 0

This is such a perfect bundle to start with for cleaning your home! The only thing I would add to your order to make this even better is a Thieves Laundry Soap!
• Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz.
• Thieves Dish Soap, 16oz.
• Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill, 32oz.
• Thieves Hand Sanitizing Wipes
• Amber foaming hand soap dispenser
• Amber dish soap dispenser
•  Cleaning brush with three (3) interchangeable brush heads
Item #: 36487
Price: $120
PV: 65


• Thieves Hand Sanitizer, 1 oz.
• Kidscents GeneYus essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Feather the Owl-themed 5 ml silicone sleeve
• Feather the Owl-themed handsanitizer sleeve
Item #: 36438
Price: $52
PV: 37.60

• Cleaning cloth
• Cleaning brush
• Soft squeeze bottle
• Storage pouch
• Instruction card
Item #: 40907
Price: $15
PV: 0


Want it ALL??

Includes a 10% discount!
• For the Love of Lemons Bundle
• Spring into Cleaning Collection
• Eco Dish Collection
• Nepalese Wool Dryer Balls Collection
• Silicone Holder Set (all three colors included)
• Thieves Hand Sanitizers, 1 oz., 3 count
• Spring Diffuser Cleaning Kit
• Digest & Cleanse
Item #: 41132
Price: $273.00
PV: 189.00

The Savvfy makeup line is having a makeover of its own! Here you will see many of our products going on huge sale. The makeup is 40% off and the brushes are 50% off, so be sure to grab all your favorites! Going forward, our Savvy line is moving to just the essentials:

-Primers (hydrating and mattifying)
-Makeup remover wipes
-A couple eyeshadow palettes
-Liquid concealers
-Liquid foundations
-Volumizing and lengthening mascaras
-Lip Luxe
-Poppyseed scrub 
-Silicone brush cleaner set 
-Several brushes (Full Coverage Liquid Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Blending Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Dual Lash Brush, Blending Sponge, Solid Brush Cleanser
& Silicone Cleansing Pad)

I am SO SAD because this is my favorite make up ever and now I may have to find something else I love and am comfortable using.  However, Young Living has said this sale will help them evaluate if the items on the chopping block will get a second life!  I'm hopeful, but either way , I'm grateful that YL is working hard to prioritize what we do well….our oils! We can’t be the expert at everything. I’m using this sale to stock up on my favorites because Savvy lasts so long it will buy me some time to find the clean mineral products that I can’t buy from YL. Fingers crossed!  Hoping our dry powders live to see 2023!




In honor of the Beauty School being held this weekend, Young Living extended the makeup sale by TWO days!  But then that will be really really really it folks!

If you missed out, want one more thing or possibly even get an exchange if possible while at the sale price, now is your chance!

Need help with how to apply or some other ideas?  Visit the exceptional web site Young Living has dedicated just to Savvy!    Click here for Savvy Ideas! 

The starter kits are not on sale, but they are already at a 50% discount.  You can order a starter kit and then ADD products to it on sale - not too shabby!  If you have any questions about my absolute favorite makeup, don't hesitate to ask :).