Oh my GOODNESS!! It's a Starter Kit FLASH SALE!!!! WOOHOO!!

Oh my GOODNESS!!  It's a Starter Kit FLASH SALE!!!! WOOHOO!!

Oh my GOODNESS!!  It's a Starter Kit FLASH SALE!!

And this one is for EVERYONE!!  Even if you already are a member!

Yep, that's right folks, the starter kit with the PRETTIEST diffuser I have ever used starts today,  and it's for everyone!! But it's only ONE per account, and it's while supplies last......the last sale we had "while supplies last" did NOT last long, so don't think too long and hard on this one, k?

Got some Extra Christmas Cash?

 Just announced the Dessert Mist Premium Starter kit is on S*A*L*E for $144!

Did you love your kit but ran out of many of your favorites? Were you thinking you needed a second diffuser?  Is one of your goals going more natural in supporting your health this year? Sad you missed the last sale? Guess what now is your chance!
This is only NOW through January 14th 11:59 P.M. Mountain Time.

Not only will you get 11 of our member faves, you get the gorgeous Dessert Mist Diffuser with it's ELEVEN different color and mist settings, including my personal fave, "flicker" which creates a very pretty (and SAFE!) lit candle effect!   And of course if you are BRAND NEW, you get a fabulous welcome pack from me, access to an amazing private community, and the entire Help Me Oil team to help you along the way!  We are awesome by the way...just sayin'.... 

How?  Just go to THIS LINK .  You can even bypass the email thing (but don't - it's great!) and then select "place order".  You need to become a member to get ANY starter kit, so select that.  The SECOND option shown says -$16.  That's the sale!!

Do you want any other products outside of the 11 super duper starter kit oils?  Then select the Essential Rewards option and add them in.  Essential Rewards is the monthly autoship, yah yah yah I know - yikes right?!  Except that it's NOT.   Getting out of our ER (if you want, which honestly you probably don't lol) is super easy.  Not like trying to cancel a credit card.  Or Cable. That's a nightmare and should be illegal lol! Nope - this is easy to do with a quick call or a live-chat.  Takes seconds.  No penalties either.  But, if you select hat choice, you get a FREE 12 oil - and this month it's a second DIGIZE to go along with the on in your kit!!  Everybody needs Digize folks....everyone with a stomach that is....or a digestive system!   

So, what are you waiting for??  Why you still reading this - go getusome!!  Go!  

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