FLASH SALE on the Starter Kits! July is AMAZING!!

FLASH SALE on the Starter Kits!  July is AMAZING!!

FLASH SALE on the Starter Kits! 

 July is AMAZING!!

Plus the DATES for my CBD Classes!! 

Well knock me over with a feather, I never saw this coming!!  On of our CBD launch AND all of the new product excitement, we have a FLASH SALE!!  And for the FIRST time EVER, a starter kit with the LANTERN DIFFUSER (my fave!  ok it's my fave outside of Feather the Owl lol) 

LIMITED SUPPLY WITH THIS LIMITED RELEASE!  Heads up folks - there is only a certain amount that has been set aside for this particular Flash Sale . It's for NEW memberships only.  It runs from July 24 to July 26 and is ONLY while supplies last!!

Tips for getting in on this!!

  • To get to the sign-up link w/o having to slog past all the stuff on my opening page, just GO HERE
  • Want this but are already a member  You may legally enroll your spouse!
  • Tell the kids it's time to get you a gift lol!  (18 years or older please)
  • Just talk to me - we'll get this worked out!


I created a local to Lansing IL class for July 30, and it very quickly filled up, so it's time to get a few more on the books.  Please bookmark these dates!  RSVP's are required and you may RSVP just by replying to the email.

July 30, 7 pm Lansing IL at Gayle's house (waiting list)
August 3 at 10 am at Troost Coffee and Tea in Lansing
August 15 at 7 pm in Dyer
August 22 at 7 pm at Gayle's in Lansing. This will also feature out NEW items!!  Plus scans!