Christmas DIY with Essential Oils! Free E-book and Free Printables!

Christmas DIY with Essential Oils!  Free E-book and Free Printables!
Christmas DIY with Essential Oils!  Free E-book and Free Printables!

In my education group, Essential Oil Online Classes,  found HERE, we did a FUN class filled with beautiful Essential Oil infused gift Ideas, both purchased and made via DIY, and this blog post is where you can find the link to the DIY e-book and all the free printables!!  Maybe that's how you found this post...or maybe you found me on social media, or viewed the videos on how to make these 3 things below.  However you got here - WELCOME!!  (By the way, our class in the classroom group had LOTS more ideas, so don't stop at these 3!)

If you want to view the Holiday Gift Giving class in order in The Essential Oil Online Classes group, just search the hashtag #HolidayGiftGiving to view the many ideas!  You can also search #HolidayGiftGiving under  the "topics" tab.  On a desktop, just look to the right of your screen in the Facebook page. From a phone, look just under the happy faces of the group members to see the choice tabs, and slide over to "topics" . If you are not in this free group, join!  All are welcome!

Are you searching for that DIY e-book? Download it here:  DIY RECIPES - PROTECTED FINAL.docx

Looking for my FREE Printable labels from my 3 video's?  

My famous "Christmas Blend!"
(You can sub in Northern Lights Black Spruce for Juniper)

everything else

For everything ELSE shown in the DIY class, here are some options to make this all fun and pretty:

  • How about some recipe cards to print for everything else you saw in the online DIY class?  Here you go!

  • is the file you want to for labels for all of the other recipes!    These are individual labels all on one sheet. These will work for Avery 22807 labels, but you will want to print them on a spare sheet first to compare and adjust.

  • Want some super sweet Gift Tags to go along with the recipe cards and labels from online class?  Go here:
 To learn more about Essential oils, go to Check out the Essential Oil Experience tab, top right!!  Let's get you oiling!  
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