January 2023 News, Ideas and Tips!



Happy New Year! 

Hope your first week of the year went well!  By the way - did you get all your Christmas cards and gifts out?  Not me lol!  In fact, I have 2 BIG ones to get out yet and they may be for YOU!  If you have not turned in your entries for the raffle for orders placed Black Friday week through December, better get them in!  Now, on with out January news!  

Last year was nothing short of an adventure.  My husband discovered and recovered from some pretty severe health challenges, and I invested a coaching program that (scared me to death) has helped me learn and and grow in thought work, social selling and all areas of business.  It's been a year of change and growth, some of it painful, but all beneficial. And, Randy and I just also finished a four year bible reading program, which was also life changing!  It's my third time all the way through, and his first.  If it sounds terrifying and almost undoable, I encourage you to try!  Nothing worth doing is easy.  I may have heard that from my new coach! 

Maybe you had some big life events happen as well, good or bad. 
This year I want to invite new beginnings, new relationships, and new growth so we are kicking things off with '7 Days to a More Positive You'.  
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This month Young Living is not disappointing with their gifts with purchase. 
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I've included some bonus diffuser recipes to help you through this month!

Save or print this graphic for easy reference, and let me know which one is your favorite! 
 Have a great week, month, 2023!  
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