What Products Can I Use To Help Me Cope If I Do Get Sick?
What Products Can I Use To Help Me Cope If I Do Get Sick?

Hey friends!   I'm going out on a limb here, in touchy waters, talking about natural remedies in case you fall ill in the season of this dreaded virus. I can't even say the name as this will be blocked. That's sad, isn't it? But natural ways of coping are being blocked and pulled, so hopefully this stays up!!

I am not a medical professional but I am an essential oils professional.  I can't diagnose or recommend treatments in a medical capacity, but I can give you suggestions!  

If you get sick from anything that you can handle on your own, do you rush to a doctor?  I doubt it!  If you get sick from this virus, you will absolutely call your  Dr.  You should get tested and you will!  But if you are well enough to just be sick at home, and you have Young Living products that are safe to apply, let's go into some ideas!  I am confident enough in them to tell you to run this by your physician, and I am also confident they will green light these ideas too. 

1.  Fear:

The first thing that will happen is fear.  And that's the first thing you want to conquer!  Getting upset will only stress your blood pressure and heart more. So take deep breaths, pray and dig out your oils and CBD.

Ideas:  Calm CBD roller, Stress Away, Valor,Peace and Calming, CBD oil.  Pick a fave (or one you actually have). Apply to ears, neck chest, wrists, feet. If you a CBD you can ingest, take it.

2.  Chest:

We know that many have lung involvement. Get you oils on your chest!  I would use my CALM CBD roller there and the joint and muscle balm too.  I would alternate with Peppermint, Eucalyptus, RC, Raven or Breath Away. Just pick one. There are many more that can help - sometime you just have to open up that oil drawer and see what jumps out at you. The chest can be sensitive, so add some carrier oils, and repeat a few times each day.  Do a swipe under the nose as hit the bottoms of your feet as well.  If you feel you are great distress and your oils cannot help you, get to the hospital.  But if you are doing ok with this, keep doing it.  And by all means, STOCK UP on the BEST cough drops money can buy - Thieves Cough Drops!!  

3.  Pain:  

We hear about pain for some, and that's where I would use my Deep Relief and my CBD joint and muscle balm. Peppermint, RC, and Raven are also very soothing, as is Valor!

4.  Fever: 

Keep an eye on this of course, and use what you are told.  But a nice bath with Peppermint will also feel very soothing and cooling, as will Peppermint on your feet!  


I will repeat, I am not a medical professional and don't claim to be, just an essential oils one. Also, please don't use cheap oils on your skin. You'll get rashes and worse.  Use good ones, such as Young Living!  Our Seed to Seal guarantee ensures that you are taking oils that are SAFE for the skin! 

Be well my friends!

- Gayle - 


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