7 Days to A More Positive You!



It's late February, and you may or may not have had a New Year's Resolution, and you may or may not have lasted a week or so. We are settled into the new frenzy of 2024 as the winter becomes late winter.  

Feeling a bit of a slump?  Let's see if we can put a little circuit breaker tripping action in that!

Maybe you had some big life events happen as well, good or bad. 
This year I want to invite new beginnings, new relationships, and new growth so we are kicking things off with '7 Days to a More Positive You'.  
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 I've even e included some bonus diffuser recipes to help you through this month!
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Hey February - we are ready for ya!

In this February blog post, we're diving into ways to give some extra love and care to our forgotten body systems. We'll be sharing practical tips to enhance the results of your essential oils, supplements, and skincare products. Plus, we have a delicious and healthy cookie recipe, diffuser combos for the month of love, DIY slime for the little ones, and more fun things!

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Is your Perfume Making you Fat?

If getting fit or fighting fat is on your to do list for 2024, then listen up: there may be an unlikely culprit that makes it hard to drop excess weight and get in shape. It’s not desserts or fries, my friend, it’s fragrance.

Fragrance belongs to a category of chemicals known as phthalates, which are known endocrine disruptors. When our bodies are overloaded with toxins, such as phthalates, they wrap those harmful chemicals in fat cells. These toxic particles wrapped in fat can take on a life of their own and become obesogens, altering your body to favor weight gain.

Here are a few of the ways obesogens can affect you:
  • increasing the number of fat cells
  • increasing the storage of fat in existing fat cells
  • altering the rate of fat cell production versus destruction
  • shifting energy balance to favor calorie storage
  • changing the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is how many calories your body needs to fulfill its basic functions
  • altering gut microbiota to promote food storage
  • modifying hormonal control of appetite and fullness
Luckily, there is a simple way we can make a shift that serves our bodies and helps us to eliminate the obesogen issue: the Make a Shift Essential Solutions kit is the perfect way to kick off the new year fragrance free and ready to fight fat!

The Make a Shift Kit includes a GORGEOUS diffuser, and the following oils that every home needs:
  1. Purification: Kicks stinky odors to the curb, is great for blemishes and bug bites, and helps to freshen carpet! Pop this oil in the diffuser to freshen the house after a fragrant dinner or in smelly shoes that need odor elimination!
  2. Lavender: The answer to your sleep, skin, and stress woes, this oil is fabulous diffused or applied topically. The gentle floral scent is a fan favorite, and its effectiveness at supporting everything from sleep to season sniffles makes it a must have for every home!
  3. Peppermint: This fresh and minty oil will put some pep in your step, is proven to help decrease cravings when sipped in water, settles tummy troubles, and helps you get a deep breath when working out or dealing with seasonal changes. It’s also great at relieving tired or tight muscles; the minty tingle will have you tossing every other cream in your cabinet and embracing the natural goodness of Peppermint essential oil!
  4. Thieves: This must have oil is a staple in many homes, and for good reason. It’s a potent germ fighter, air freshener, dental health supporter, and more! We love diffusing Thieves for a home that smells cozy while enjoying the immune supporting benefits at the same time. You don’t want to start the new year without this oil in your arsenal!
  5. Stress Away: This roll on will help you start the year footloose and fancy free! Apply topically to the wrists and neck for instant stress relief and the intoxicating smell of vanilla and lime. We love this as an alternative to perfume that has bonus benefits!
  6. Deep Relief: Kiss sore muscles and achy joints goodbye with this incredible roll on! Super powered and extra tingly, this minty oil uses plant powered goodness to bring relief to all kinds of discomfort. Roll it on topically anywhere you need relief (I love using this on my temples and my scalp) and enjoy quick relief without any toxins or chemicals!
As you make a shift in your wellness routine in the new year, don’t forget to swap out fragrance filled items in your home for plant powered goodness that will help you feel fit and fabulous in 2024!

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January Tips and Ideas!

Happy New Year!

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I have lots of great things to share with you this month as we lean into a new year and renewed commitment to healthy habits and self care. This month, we're talking about winter skin, detox, air quality, and the winter blues. We're also discussing how your YL oils can support you in stress recovery, nutrition, workout, and hormones. Plus delicious bone broth hot cocoa, diffuser blends, and other fun things! 

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Christmas DIY with Essential Oils! Free E-book and Free Printables!

Christmas DIY with Essential Oils!  Free E-book and Free Printables!
Christmas DIY with Essential Oils with Free Printables!

Well hello there, and welcome! Please join in me this virtual "Gathering!"

I often host a Gathering in my home where we get together and learn and enjoy!  It's getting to close to the holidays, and few of us have time to head out for one, so let's do some virtual learning! 

Here you will find how to make 3 of my most popular DIY giftables with essential oils AND labels! Let' take a look!  

 Christmas Foaming Hand Soap! (Click the Pic)Foaming Hand Soap

#2:  Christmas Room Scenter, AKA "Smelly Jelly" (Click the Pic)

#3 Christmas Room Spray (Click the Pic) 

Are you just brimming with ideas now?  A simple trip to the dollar store or hardware store will help you snag bottles and jars.  On Amazon, search out "foaming hand soap bottles" and Avery 22807 labels.  Amazon and many stores sells Dr. Bronners Baby-Mild Castile Soap and Vegatable glycerin.  My water crystals are from WaterSorb, but those can also be found at hardware stores or good ol' Amazon.  If you like the whole "one stop shop" idea, I've compiled a list via Amazon:  Amazon shopping list

Looking for my FREE Printable labels from my 3 video's?  

My famous "Christmas Blend!"
You can sub in Northern Lights Black Spruce for Juniper
Other alternative:  Mix our Evergreen Essence with Christmas Spirit! 
Or, try our Simplified Winter Collection, which comes with a FREE diffuser! (Limited time offer!) Winter oils with FREE diffuser! 

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